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We’re going ‘zero’ to fight climate change

The Trust and our Academies have pledged our support to the ‘Let’s Go Zero’ campaign, aiming to become carbon neutral by 2030.

Joining schools across the UK, the national ‘Let’s Go Zero’ campaign focuses on tackling climate change, with schools playing a critical role in our communities to help cut carbon emission levels.

The Trust first pledged its support in June 2022 and has created action climate plans at both Trust and individual Academy-level to guide our approach, alongside embedding climate change into our curriculum.

Andy Goulty, Chief Executive at the Rodillian Multi Academy Trust, said: “We are committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and recognise the steps we need to take to reach this.

“Across the Trust we’ve focused on creating decarbonisation plans and energy reduction strategies. The plans have allowed us to review where we use the most energy, and the changes we can make to become more energy efficient.

“From focusing on space heating and updating our boiler systems, roofs, doors, windows and insulation, to considering the sustainability of the goods and services we use; it’s important to consider the role we can play to reduce climate change when spending any money at the Trust.

“It’s also important to educate students on the action we can take to fight climate change and provide them with an understanding of the impacts of this. Climate education is now embedded within our contextual curriculum across History, Geography and Media Studies.

“Students are also taking part in activities including planting trees as part of the Woodland Trust’s free programme, supporting ‘pre-loved’ uniform shops to prevent unwanted uniform going to landfill, and organising awareness weeks and days to cover topics such as clean air and green careers.

“By joining the Let’s Go Zero campaign and committing to becoming a carbon neutral Trust, we’re taking a positive step on a local level to help combat the climate issues we all face globally. It sends a strong message to our whole community that together we can help protect our planet for future generations.”

Find out more about the Let’s Go Zero campaign here: